Star Trek Timelines Hack Cheats For Unlimited Dilithium

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Star Trek Timelines Hack Cheats

Find out how you can cheat Star Trek Timelines Hack for Android and iOS to get boundless Dilithium, Credits and Values that you can utilize to get premium rare benefits including Epic crew.

You’ll also learn the way to enable the God Mode (all your boats have infinite health and shields), 1-Hit Kill or the 1-Hit K.O. (deal huge attack damage with your ship) and “Unlock all Boats”.

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“Unlock all Boats” lets you unlock all accessible boats in-game (includes H.M.S. Bounty, Borg Scout Ship, D’Kora Krayton, I.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and Prakesh) and instantly complete the schematics needed to pick them. no root or Jailbreak is required.

Unlock all boats, get free VIP, enable God Mode (endless health/shield), 1-Hit Kill/1-Hit K.O., and Crew Don’t Wear Down On Challenges using the Star Trek Timelines hack for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS. Use the cheats to get unlimited Dilithium, Credits and Calibers!

Its really very popular and no doubt awesome game, that’s the reason too many readers contacted us to release Star Trek Timelines Hack & Cheats online tool, so in this article we are showing some cool tips and tricks for Star Trek.

We are presenting our Star Trek Timeleines hack & cheats tool, by which you will be able to get Free Star Trek Tips & Tricks’s.

This tool will work on any of the Android or iOS devices, and no need to download it. So let’s start with our Star Trek Timelines Hack & Cheats Online Tool first.

Star Trek Timelines Hack Features

  • Endless Dilithium (Never run out of Dilithium to get Epic crew, gear and starship schematics for Star Trek Timelines.)
  • Infinite Federation Credits (Enlist new crew members and obtain new things.)
  • Endless Calibers (Buy Faction particular rewards using Calibers.)
  • God Mode/Endless Health and Shield (This alternative gives your boat limitless HP/Health and Shield during Boat Conflicts.)
  • 1-Hit K.O./1-Hit Kill (Enable this option to deal enormous attack damage with your ship.)
  • Free VIP (Enable free VIP, automatically set your VIP level from VIP 1 to VIP 14.)
  • Crew Don’t Wear Down on Challenges (Crew will not get tired – will not get decrease in skills/stats and do not need to rest during challenges and assignments.)
  • Free Shopping/Store Mod (Get Epic crew, equipment, boat schematics, etc.)

Star Trek Hack Instructions

  • Link first your Android or iOS game device (where Star Stek Timelines is now installed and has the present game saved info/files on it) to your computer using a USB.
  • Run the Star Trek Timelines Trainer.
  • From the top menu of the trainer, select your gaming platform (depending on your device select whether it runs on either Android or iOS), then click on the “Detect Device” button.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes or seconds for the trainer to discover your game apparatus, and successfully validate the installed Star Trek Timeline alongside its data and files.
  • Fix the total amount of Credits, Dilithium and Merits that you want to be added on your account. (Make sure you’ve empowered the resources by marking their accompanying option boxes with a “check”.) Optionally, you can enable additional mods and exploits like the “God Mode (Unlimited Health/Shield)”, “1-Hit Kill/1-Hit K.O.”, “Unlock all Ships”, “Free VIP” and “Crew Don’t Wear Down”. For more info about the additional mods, refer on the characteristics of the Star Trek Timelines Trainer previously.
  • After deciding the values and options that you want to enable for your Star Trek Timelines game, proceed next by clicking on the “Start Hacking” icon.
  • Wait for the trainer to conclude using patches and completely mod your Star Trek Timelines game info. Remember not to disconnect or unplug your gaming apparatus while modding and the patching is not yet whole. After all the patches and mods are implemented, a pop-up message box will reveal, saying that you might now unplug or disconnect your Star Trek Timelines game device.
  • Open or start your Star Trek Timelines program and see for yourself the extra Credits Dilithium and Values in addition to the cheats that are empowered.
  • Have fun with the additional Dilithium and other options. Use the Dilithium to quickly increase Super Rare and Infamous crew members also if you have empowered the “Unlock all Ships”, you may now change your boat into more powerful ships like I.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 battle cruiser.

About Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines is a mobile sci-fi strategy game available for Android and iOS devices that lets you become a Starfleet Captain.

As a captain, you can recruit your crew from hundreds of original Star Trek characters. Each character has its own unique skills and abilities.

Unlock iconic starships as you travel across the entire history of Star Trek. The game features 3D ship-to-ship battles. Play solo or invite your friends to decide the fate of galaxy. Experience Star Trek like never before as you play Star Trek Timelines.

In-Game Resources

There are three currencies in game which is used for acquiring new items, crew and ship schematics.

Federation Credits

Credits are the galaxy’s standard currency. Use Credits in the Time Portal to enlist crew members, build items, and more. Earn credits by completing challenges and missions.


Merit are tokens earned through completing Daily Missions. Merits can be used at a faction’s homeworld to purchase faction-specific rewards. Increase your faction reputation to earn better equipment, transmissions and starship schematics.


Dilithium are rare materials used for fueling warp technology. It can be exchanged at the Time Portal for rare and epic crew, equipment and ship schematics.

Tips, Tricks and Cheats For Star Trek Timelines

1. Keep On Playing In VS Mode According to the majority of reviews, single player mode tends to be particularly buggy. Should you end up in a bind in single player, you’ll desire to give a spin to Versus Mode. As you’ll mainly be up against teams with only two members, after you have unlocked your third hero, you need to be in good shape in this mode. There is strength in numbers generally, which means you need to make use of your work force advantage so you can pick up more freebies whenever you may.

2. Let Info Heal Your Team Members It is also been observed that playing consecutive matches is very hard to pull off due to your team members being injured; this is another important kink gamers have been experiencing so far. You need to allow Info to make great utilization of his powers, to minimize the probability of this happening. By matching blue stone early in the game, raise his healing power, and use those powers ASAP. It’ll at least speed up the healing process while it will not help everyone.

3. Play Offensive Combinations First It is best to match the color of the attacking character before matching others, when making matches in this game. You can get more offensive matches if your characters are at a reasonably high level. Furthermore, you need to also prioritize fitting predicated on your own characters’ specific skills; the blue tiles of Data correspond to his healing, as we mentioned above. As you unlock their abilities and upgrade these characters, those tiles will raise, and you’ll have more leeway to make the most of those special skills.

4. Go For Four- Bit Matches Or Better The old Match 3 mechanisms still work here, buggy as this game might be. Consistently see if you’ve got a possible four-piece match or better to start off things and offer you a strong advantage from the get-go.

5. Don’t Always Target The Most Powerful Character As you are advised by the game also, typically, you’re best off targeting the strongest character in the game. After all, it is normally a sound strategy to focus on the characters that are most difficult to conquer before the ones that are simple. However, some low-well-being characters may have some unique abilities, and you also might also want to focus on them to take that special ability away.

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