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Snapchat Hack Password & Score Tool Online – Hack Any Snapchat Account

snapchat hack online tool

Snapchat is not only an interesting briefly to share content app, it is also a particular social network. And the latest update includes a number of improvements for popular photo sharing. Because of its popularity and demand we are including here today our latest Snapchat hack by which you will be able to get access to someone’s snapchat account & Score Hack Too very easily. We will here disclose our Snapchat hack tool which is online tool and some cool tips and tricks by which you will be able to master in this super Application.

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If you are a novice or an advanced user, these tips, tricks and secrets will be very useful:

1. Activate interesting features in your configuration : Make sure you have an updated version snapchat on your device. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click “Manage” in “additional services”. You can activate additional functions: filters, flash head, replay, special text and choose the number of best friends to be displayed in the “Send To” screen.

2. Use special text : Do you want to superimpose a larger emojis text? Tap the letter “T” next to the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your image. The characters you type now magnified.

3. Draw with secret colors : You can choose a color drawing and sliding the bar color of the rainbow. Check out these steps to learn how to draw with crayon colors secrets.

Draw with white : Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger to the upper left corner. Android users now have built-in white crayon rainbow slider.

Draw in black : Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger down. Android users also have preloaded the black crayon.

Draw on hidden colors : Drag the slider rainbow to the left or to the bottom to use colors that are not available in the palette.

Draw with a transparent color (Android only) : Press down on the slider rainbow until the full color palette appears, then select the transparent color.

4. Add fun filters : You can now add type Instagram filters, by sliding your finger left or right to preview each filter. The app has filters that are:

Geolocation : Based on the location, you can superimpose art and other labels in the supplement.

Time : Use time filter to display the time it took the picture.

Temperature : You can touch the temperature to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Speed ​​: With this filter captures the speed at which it moves when taking the picture.

Filters for black and white, sepia, saturated : Swipe left or right to see a preview of these filters.

5. Flash front view : If you make a selfie, but the lighting is very dark, there is a flash function only press against the lightning icon in the upper left corner.

6. Change looking back to front camera : Instead of touching the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen to change the camera view, just tap the screen twice and automatically switches the camera looking back the front-facing camera, and vice versa.

7. Replay : The repeat function allows you to play an image or video sent in the last 24 hours but only on the last visit. To play, simply tap the add you want to see again, and a notification appears. Tap “Replay”.

8. Press to go through stories : You can fast forward through certain stories, rather than wait for the next, touch the screen (while pressing down to see history), and it will take you to the next.

9. Change the number of “best friends” displayed : Default snapchat shows the three friends who interact more, they are automatically selected by the friendship algorithm application. But if you want to change the number of friends, go to the configuration. Tap “# best friends”, and you can choose to display three, five or seven friends.

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