Blossom Blast Saga Hack Cheats Online: Free Gold & Lives

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Blossom Blast Saga
Blossom Blast Saga (

Blossom Blast Saga, the game of King for iOS and Android devices. Blossom Blast Saga is a brand new match-3 game from King.

In the game players must blossom numerous kinds of flowers, gathering points when the blooms burst and fully blossom.

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The catch is that when a flower blossom, it triggers the blossoms next to them to grow a little more as well. Due to the close proximity to one another, it is common for one flower flowering to trigger half a dozen other flowers to blossom also, clearing out vast swathes of the game board in a single swoop that is flowery.

Even though you’ll be up to your knees in flower petals by the ending of each round, Blossom Blast Saga gives players plenty of challenges to overcome.

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Tips Tricks & Cheats For Blossom Blast Saga

Known number games

As you from other games of King knows it safe already, you have five lives at the start. Once you mercilessly fails to master a level in trying you lose one of them.

Already made trains can you in the game not simply be undone, so think before each train to the consequences that arise thereby.

Every 30 minutes a regenerated life. Who does not want to wait, skin valuable “Blossom Blast Saga” -Goldbarren upside, available otherwise only for real money.

Booster and nasty obstacles in Blossom Blast Saga

If you get stuck in a level and not get the best of intentions, it simply accesses the blade back, the purchases more towards her gold bullion. With their help, removed her everything you get in the way – for example, weeds, glass or even flowers.

And here we had already reached the next point: the obstacles. Also it is available in Blossom Blast Saga so few: weed, molehill, glass and pots. The pots can be destroyed, for example by her standing beside them flowers combined together.

Glass on the other hand you will go, you think of flowers by groups out to go with the covert of Glasblüte. Here you have so exposed buds with a “hidden” link.

Blossom Blast Saga Hack

Tips, Tricks & Cheats to the different game modes

In match-3 game Blossom Blast Saga can be found in front of currently four game modes.

Points mode:

Actually a very simple mode, but he has what it takes. You must achieve a certain score. The problem here is that you do not have it any number of trains.

Points making her by her connecting at least three same-colored flowers together. Let the points mode from small 3-chains and throws you prefer from the outset to larger groups of the same color flowers. That brings in the long run simply more and their “wasted” not so many trains.

Remove weeds:

Here you have to remove the particular flowers that grow around the weeds. Important: you focus in this mode actually on your game target. If you primarily namely join on a hunt for points, the actual goal of the level is quickly forgotten.

Large buds:

Distributed on the pitch can be found in most cases several large buds with a number in it before. Once the counter reaches 0, the bud will disappear from the garden and her moves closer to your goal.

How it works:

Look for related groups of flowers that have the same color as the bud that want to open it. Combines her flowers group with bud, you activate the counter.

A second possibility is to bring the same color of the adjacent flower bud to bloom. Far away you can find safe from also large groups of plants, which can easily be converted into points.

But beware:

In case you only have four, five trains have left, you must consider whether you need the points compulsory or if you prefer you focused on buds and this first take in attack.

Collect flowers:

This mode requires King that you make a chain of a specified color in a specific order identified. Tricky, but here you have the hang of it quickly.

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