13 Tips: BattleHand Hack Cheats Online – Free Gems And Gold

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BattleHand Hack
BattleHand Games (Source: apkGK.com)

Battlehand Hack Cheats Online Tool Generator.

BattleHand is a free-to-play strategy role-playing game accessible for Android and iOS devices (contains iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch) where it is possible to recruit and train legendary heroes and equip them with battle cards as you go on an adventure through mystical lands and fight despicable creatures.

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Unlock and upgrade specific abilities for every Hero. Equip cards on Heroes and strategize with different combos. Score and win points in the Stadium to get exclusive super rare cards. Amass, evolve and upgrade powerful cards to construct the best deck for each hero.

Enable God Mode (have infinite Health), constantly have complete charge Characteristic skill, and do 1-Hit Kill using the BattleHand hack for Android and iOS.

Use the cheats to get gold unlimited stone, dungeon keys, stadium keys, raid tickets, and evolution materials! Get powerful Rare Cards (and even Super Rare Cards from the King’s Arena).

Find out ways to cheat BattleHand using this hack for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iOS and empower God Mode (Heroes are invincible with infinite health), make your Hero’s Trait Skill consistently accessible (Characteristic Skill on total charge) and 1-Hit Kill or the 1-Hit K.O. hack.

You can also use it to get gold and endless jewels to acquire rare cards for your heroes. No origin or jailbreak simply uses the Campaign, Challenges, Gauntlet to clear, need, and master the Arena of the King.

Its really very awesome game and very popular, that’s the reason too many readers contacted us to release Unlimited gems and Gold of BATTLEHAND Hack Cheats online tool, so in this article, we are showing some cool tips and tricks for gaining Gems, Gold, Dungeon keys, Arena Keys, Raid Tickets and evolution materials.

We are releasing our BattleHand hack cheats tool, by which you will be able to get Free Gems and Gold of BattleHand. This tool will work on any of the Android or iOS devices, and no need for download, etc. So let’s start with our Battlehand Hack Online Tool first.

BattleHand Heroes

BattleHand Heroes:

  • Fergus (Fire + Might)
  • Monty (Fire + Magic)
  • Trix (Earth + Magic)
  • Bree (Earth + Skill)
  • Hawkeye (Air + Skill)
  • Brom (Air + Might)
  • Krell (Spirit + Magic)
  • Logan (Water + Magic)
  • Jinx (Spirit + Skill)
  • Gilda (Water + Might)

Stone is an extremely significant resource in-game and could be utilized to purchase Card Packs including the Gold Pack which gives out 5 cards (2 Minimal Uncommon Cards and 1 Minimal Battle Card). Also, gems are used to recharge keys including Stadium Keys Dungeon Keys, Gauntlet Keys, and Raid Tickets.

Gold on the other hand is used for leveling up Heroes and updating Cards (Booster Cards have to upgrade your cards). Additionally, you will want gold (with Material Jars) to evolve maxed cards from the Apothecary. Train Heroes using them to level up quickly. Gold is also spent (along with Hero Runes) to update Heroes’ characteristics and skills.

BattleHand Hack Features:

  1. Unlimited Gems (Never run out of jewels for BattleHand.)
  2. Endless Gold (Use the gold to train your heroes, upgrade and evolve your cards.)
  3. 1-Hit Kill Hack (1-Hit K.O. – All strikes will immediately kill foes in 1-hit.)
  4. Consistently Full Charge Trait Ability (Make your Heroes’ Trait Ability consistently available – 100% charged.)
  5. Free Shopping/Shop Mod (Use the generated stone to free purchase Card Packs and Stuff Pack including Bronze Packs, Silver Packs, and Gold Packs.)
  6. Works for all Android mobile phones and tablets in addition to iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (BattleHand must be installed and supported on device.)

BattleHand FAQ, and Game Guide

  1. Fame: Leveling upward Fame lets you unlock new features and level caps for your Heroes.
  2. Making Fame: The best way to earn Fame and level it up is by finishing Quests. You may also get Fame from King’s Arena and Dungeons.
  3. Battling: Some cards targets party members and all enemies.
    You can’t choose which cards you’re dealt, but you can enhance your chances of drawing strong cards by getting better card packs and evolving your cards.
  4. Elements: Understanding the elements is another strategy to be successful in combat. Each element has a strength and weakness. Attacking an element with its accompanying weakness will add bonus damage. Fire “>> Earth “>> Atmosphere “>> Spirit “>> Water
  5. Class: Each Hero is classified as Might, Skill or Magic. Each of the class has their own unique card packs and skills.
    Unlocking and Altering Hero
    The Pub is where to look for new heroes.
  6. Hero Trait :Hero Trains are particular abilities that each Hero possesses. By using Gold and Hero’s Rune it’s possible for you to update Hero Traits. Heroes also have abilities you could unlock: an active and a passive. Energetic skill is auto cast every wave and passive skill is applied if hero is in bash.
  7. Deck: Deck is the choice of cards that you’ll be taking in conflicts. You can edit your deck predicated on your own card collection as well as change, update or sell your cards.
  8. Updating Cards: Cards may be upgraded using Gold and Booster cards or duplicates. Max leveling your card enables you to evolve them in the Apothecary. There’s a limit on how often you’ll be able to update your card. Common cards might be leveled up to 10. Once a card is fully levelled up, you can continue to evolve evo stuff being used by it in the Apothecary.
  9. Card Packs: Packs are where you will get new cards for your deck. It may be got from the shop. There are 5 cards for each pack. Card Packs generally have a mixture of Battle Cards to take into Booster Cards used for updating and conflict. Bronze packs have Common and Unusual cards. Silver packs have Rare, Uncommon and Common cards. Gold packs have Uncommon cards and Rare cards. It’s the highest possibility of acquiring Uncommon cards.
  10. Quests :Doing Quests is the simplest way to develop Celebrity. Additionally, it awards you like even Stone and Fame, XP, Gold, Evolution Stuff with assortment of loot. Entire Quests to earn Gold.
  11. Apothecary: Evo and Gold Substances are required by evolving cards. It’s possible for you to train the Artisan to reach development amounts that are better.
  12. The Arena of King: Battle for exclusive tiered rewards including Super Rare cards like Meditation, Hammer of God and Deep Breath.
  13. Gauntlet: Gauntlet is a place that tests the strength of your entire celebration. It is a survival mode whereas the party gets into higher stages, the rougher it gets though benefits are worth it.
  14. Raid Tickets :Obtaining 3 stars in a Dungeon enables you to unlock the capability to Raid. It’s possible for you to use without entering into conflict Raid Tickets to immediately get benefits from a Dungeon.

Tips, Triks and Cheats For BattleHand

1. Complete The Quests For More Heroes, More Progress

We’re going to start out with one of the simplest, most general strategies for the game; if you unlock more heroes in BattleHand and want to progress rapidly, more quests should be completed by you.

Completing a quest will not simply take you through the appropriate advancement in the storyline; it’ll also boost your Recognition and let you to make quicker progress. In fact, you can consider quests to be nearly comparable to tutorials, only this time you are earning something significant.

2. The Right Way To Upgrade Your Cards

We’ll be dealing more in a bit about when to update your cards, but how do you do it in the very first place? As a guideline, the cards you need to upgrade are the rarest and best ones; you will understand a good card by the amount of stars shown.

Work your way slowly till you accomplish your weakest common cards. This strategy is advisable as you are able to use any more powerful card you have to replace a card that wasn’t upgraded; this would result in added upgrade stuff for the rarer ones.

3. Save Your Card Upgrades For Later

Some quests will specifically ask you to update your cards, but you wouldn’t want to upgrade too many of them early on, as you still would not be too sure as to which cards could help you the most in the long run.

What you ought to do would be to upgrade the bare minimum to finish the missions, but not your entire deck. Put to your meat-and-potatoes cards until you cannot advance any farther.

By that time, you need to be almost guaranteed to get some substantive cards in your deck, cards which you would then need to update to the most total.

4. Upgrade No More Than Two Cards At A Time, And Remember The Elements

One shrewd thing you can do when upgrading your cards will be to work on two at a time, instead of trying to concentrate on getting the whole bundle up to speed.

When selecting which cards to upgrade with what booster; for instance, you will get more experience points for updating a fire card together with the identical fire booster, and as a bonus tip for updating, observe the components.

5. Work On The Perfect Deck Of Cards

As it makes it easier to work on a deck that is perfect that actually works in the favor of most players.

In the beginning, you would like to truly have a balanced deck. Remember that these are generally slow cards; you’ll occasionally require rapid cards during particular scenarios, such as the enemy having only a tiny bit of health staying. Also, balance out those high-damage cards using a healing card along with a shield card.

6. About Element Cards

We are really still referring to building a perfect hand, but this specific hint about component cards is detailed enough to stand on its own, we’d say.

All heroes in the game correspond to an element, and to the right hero, you need to equip a good portion of your component cards with that in mind.

There’s a rock paper scissors system where one elemental card is poor, although strong against the other when played against another element.

We’d recommend having about 50 percent element cards for the greatest effect, with the rest being neutral cards you can use in a pinch.

7. Scout Your Opponents First

We’ve talked about assembling a great, or better yet, perfect deck and updating cards. Let’s now move on to the conflict part of the game, which likewise happens to be quite a depth subject.

Remember that your draw is crucial when attempting to optimize what happens in those conflicts, and scouting your adversaries is critical.

Have a look at your competitors in order to choose the best hero in your roster, and again, recall the elemental system. Always try your best to go for elements that beat those of your adversary.

8. Kill Your Enemies One At A Time

Moving on to the real battles, you should start out by attempting to defeat one enemy at a time. When battle, you do not desire to repeat the procedure of focusing on one enemy and to have several enemies that have just reduced health; you need one dead enemy alone. use our Battlehand Hack From Above Link.

9. Play Your Shield Card Early

Although we touched on shield cards a bit, and if we know that they’re self-explanatory, it shall be covered by us in a little more depth here.

Having an excellent shield card to use, could reduce your reliance on treating cards, so if you have got a good shield card and make the most out of it.

10. Strategies For Attacking

It’s a great move to pick attacking cards that could guarantee you an opportunity to reach the enemy and maybe even kill them before they have a chance to strike.

Don’t pick on an enemy who’s now in the process of healing someone else; wait till the character is fixed up properly before you attack.

That is because you would typically not be given any clues as to whom they’re going to heal. Enemies have a tendency to often cure those with full health, which isn’t quite bright they end up wasting their moves that way.

But that often occurs when dealing with AI enemies; in any case, saving the kill for after the opponent and exploiting this weakness prepares a healing move. Battlehand Hack Will Give You Unlimited Gems and Gold For Free.

11. Unlock Your Heroes’ Special Powers

Each action you perform in the game will permit the meter on the right-hand side of the display to fill up. Once that meter is 100 percent complete, that means you’ll be able to unleash a Hero Characteristic, which is what the game calls particular hero moves.

That’s going to help you survive many more degrees than anticipated, as long as you understand when to activate them.

12. How To Choose Which Heroes To Unlock

Don’t be overwhelmed by BattleHand offering a host of heroes to select from and those heroes seem to be very similar to each other.

The truth of the matter is they are indeed very similar with regard to ability level, but finally distinct in subtle ways. That should allow you to choose any hero you would like from the ones accessible; it boils down to your own taste, but you should also check the characteristics to ensure you are obtaining a hero you can reliably work with.

13. Use The Auto Battle Feature Wisely

Vehicle Battle seems like an effective way to go, as you can just sit back, relax, and let the AI fight your battles while you don’t lift a finger.

But as we suggested in a couple of suggestions above, the AI isn’t too smart, which means you wouldn’t want to use the feature all of the time.

Vehicle Conflict simply becomes available once you have finished a period, no matter how many stars, but if you’re able to auto-battle your approach to a three-star amount, you will not be credited for the extra stars.

The long and the short of it is this – Auto Battle is used if you are grinding for gear, coins, XP, and such, not for a tough fight.

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