Top 3 mobile games reviewed

In a world where almost every pop culture fad is turned into an Iphone game, it is hard to tell which ones are of quality. Well look no further because we reviewed every game out there in the mobile-sphere to let you which ones are worthy of your phone storage. These 5 games have everything you can ask for in a gaming away from home experience.


1.Monument Valley


This game gets number one because of it’s majestic imagery. It is set in the Colorado Valley and captures all the beauty of the desert. It’s a puzzle game which means you play as one or two characters and and you have to navigate them throughout a maze.


The catch is that the mazes are exquisite castles and gardens which lead to aesthetically appealing experience for the user. The audio and visual media in this mobile game is really different from any other mobile and should be applauded for it’s ability to be pretty, yet fun.


The only downside to this one is that it costs 5 dollars in the app store, but to serious gamers it is well worth it. The game is made by a London game studio called Ustwo and has rung them in over $14 million according to business insider. Not to mention it was featured on the hit TV series, House of Cards.


2.Angry Birds in Space

Yup, angry birds is still around and is played by more people than just your mom. This game has landed on the list because of it’s creative space setting. Not sure why game-makers are into cosmic settings all of a sudden, but it definitely works.


This game turns your normal angry birds into astronauts and lets you take them on a wild adventure through the milky way. This is also a puzzle game but more demanding than Monument Valley because it doesn’t give you as much time to think. Angry Birds has landed itself among the top of the pop-culture list of our day. So much that it was even turned into a movie that did fairly well in the box office. A huge plus of this popular game is that it is free to online gamers.


  1. Pokemon GO


Of course, the Pokemon lovers need to have a spot on the top 3. To reign in our favorite games we threw this exercise inducing game on the list. This has to be the most interactive game to hit Iphones and Androids, well, ever. First off, the game throws us back to our favorite game when we were younger and second of all it gets people outside. Although some may argue for the wrong reasons. This game is got so popular so fast that some even believed it was a conspiracy theory. Pokemon Go is also a free mobile app and definitely gives users a bang for their (zero?) buck.