Top 3 adult games to spice things up

If you’re anything like myself, you get tired of party talk at most gatherings. Sure, hearing about Shelby’s plans to travel the 50 states post graduation is interesting but the more tequila you consume the more you want to really party. We took the time to play and review a bunch of adult games that will pump up the event and get all your friends cracking up.


  1. Drunk Stoned and Stupid


This hilarious game works best with friends who know each other insanely well. The rules are you pull a card and it’s going to say some kind of action that a human can do. Then everyone points to the friend who is most likely to. The cards range from “can’t make it past the pregame” to “dancing on tables when drunk” or in my case “most likely to love kale.”


The person to get seven first wins or loses, for better words. The best part about this game is that you can really call out your friends for things that piss you off in secret and also let everyone else know that they do it. This may create some tension but it’s okay because it’s a card game. The game costs about 26 bucks and the add ons cost about 10 dollars.


This game is basically the grown up version of 10 fingers, the game where everyone says something they have never done and then you put a finger down if you have also committed the act. The problem with this game is that everyone begins to attack each other. So with Drunk, Stoned, and Stupid, the acts are already down on paper this means you can’t (really) personally attack each other.


  1. Cards Against Humanity


Although this is an adult game, do not make the mistake of playing this game with your parents. The name of the game is that you have seven cards that say outrageous phrases such as ‘Rush Limbaugh’s cold, stiff body.’ And you draw from a stack that asks a question in which you answer with your cards. Such as World War III will be fought with what. You get the hang of it. So if you are drunk things can get pretty weird, to say the least.


Why it isn’t parent friendly is because it deals with everything from sex to politics to drugs. You get a pretty good sense of your parents drug habits in the 70s pretty fast. This game is about $26 on Amazon and you can also buy the add ons for more inappropriate fun.


  1. Taboo


This one dates back to the Friends era. In this sexy game you have to come up with a secret word that no one is allowed to know. You have to explain this word but strict clues are off limits. This gets into hilarious explanations of words that are often naughty words. Even your most un-funny friend will have you cackling as he tries to explain his ‘word’. This game is around 15 bucks at most places and can also be found online.

And if you’re feeling very adventurous then head over to where you can find the craziest 3d and virtual reality adult games.