7 best games to cheat on



Let’s be real, everyone looked down at the shoes while playing heads-up-seven up in grade school. That was most of the thrill of the game, except for, you couldn’t guess every time because then everyone would catch on. Now in your adult life you can slyly cheat on mobile games with some simple online research. Although some may see this as unethical, it just makes it more fun sometimes.


1.Age of Empires


This game has a hack that allows you to unlock a sports car that will do some major damage in the game world. You activate it by pressing Enter during the game and then typing in the code BIGDADDY and then you get a super fast old-school Chevy that will let you bypass all your enemies.


  1. Grand Theft Auto


The infamous Grand Theft Auto has an insane game hack that will allow you to actually have a flying car in the game. You activate this by pressing Square Down, Square 1 and then L2. This gives you access to the temporary flying car that will piss off all the other normal cars that will now be below you.


  1. Doom


In this shooting game you are able to unlock something called God Mode by simply pushing iddqd. This basically allows you to make sure you hit every target. Living up to the phrase God Mode!


  1. Assassin’s Creed III


This one is a cheat called Turkey Assassin. It allows you to have a pet killer Turkey by pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, A then B. The turkey isn’t a huge deal in terms of killing, he kind of just runs around next to you. But he is super cute!


  1. NBA Jam


Another unadventurous, but fun hack can be found on NBA Jam. By pressing hold up and Turbo you are able to make all of your players have huge bobbleheads. They temporarily run the court with huge heads that bump into each other for your own entertainment


  1. Max Payne


In this mafia online game you are able to get infinite bullet time by typing developer into the command line. This allows Max Payne to really fire up his machine guy and destroy all those good guys.


  1. Sonic the Hedgehog


Although it may feel wrong to cheat on a childhood game, this hack is hard to skip up on. By hitting 19 and 65 on the Sound test menu you are able to unlock the debug mode. You are then allowed to smoothly run through the obstacles without any huge bugs or bumps in your way.


Although we aren’t condoning cheating, these hacks are sure to make your gaming experience a little more lively. Just be sure not to share them with your gamer friends!